Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Starbucks, You're Still the One

We live in a city that prides itself on supporting local businesses. Bumper stickers, t-shirts, and billboards everywhere display "Keep Austin Weird" as a reminder to choose the unique, independent shops over the cookie-cutter corporate giants to maintain Austin's eclectic feel. As much I as love and support several of Austin's own entrepreneurs, I can't deny my allegiance to a certain java giant...Starbucks.

I am a shameless lover of Starbucks. When we went to Seattle to visit Mama & Papa C, they asked us if there were any sites we didn't want to miss. My must-see? The First Starbucks in Pike's Market. 

Although I don't go everyday (because we would go broke), I support the Starbucks Corporation at least once a week (and usually have gift cards to support my habit...thanks, Mom). I've tasted most of the coffee items on the menu and like to try the newest creations (Dark Cherry Mocha is good but a bit sweet). I adore their breakfast sandwiches (my favorite is the Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon) and their pastries (the Morning Bun is heavenly). 

My standard, though, is simple: a double tall non-fat latte (with half of a Splenda swirled in). It's basic--a regular latte with an extra shot of espresso. After I took my first sip of this Saturday's morning indulgence, I thought to myself,  This is delicious...  

What's your signature Starbucks (or other coffee shop) drink?

Happy Searching,

p.s. My friend Corinne shared some great news...free *$ on April 15th! Check out her blog for details!


  1. First, it was Caramel Mach's. Then it was Iced Chai Tea Latte's - and now - An iced non-fat decaf cinnamon dolce latte. Ahhhh.

  2. I have always had philosophical problems with Starbucks and the country's fascination with expensive caffeine, until I was introduced to the iced green tea without sweetener or water. Delicious and good for you.

  3. I don't drink coffee of any kind and if I did I would be so intimidated by the ordering process so... I like the hot chocolate and a scone (pumpkin - best one ever was in Vancouver, Canada).

  4. That's why we love you, Kiddo! You aren't afraid to put in writing what tastes great and inspires you. I concur that you should drink the good stuff because at the end of the day after a couple of cups of "lesser" coffee you have paid the same amount are are still not satisfied.

    I will make sure my "professional shopper" keeps you well stocked in Starbucks cards and you keep their stock prices up!!

    Make mine a Venti, please!!

  5. Oh my Starbucks lovin' VBFF! I'm proud of your addition of *$ to your delicious blog!

  6. OH, how I long for one of those early mornings when you and I can sneak out together for a Starbuck's indulgence (which I only do when you are in town). Love the No water, extra hot, venti Chai!! and a morning of fun and laughter. MAMA


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