Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sparkling Sips

When asked, "What's your favorite sound in the world?", thousands of possible responses begin popping up in my head. Birds chirping in the morning....ocean waves rhythmically lapping onto the beach...a summer breeze gently blowing through the trees. All very wonderful sounds, but the most lovely? I'd have to say it's the pop of a champagne cork.

Why? Because it means a celebration is near. Sparkling bubbles happily drift to the top of the glass, ready to toast a marriage, a promotion, or a Thursday night (why not?). Whenever you hear the sound of a champagne cork popping, good times are about to ensue.

One of my favorite ways to imbibe this effervescent delight is in a Kir Royal (the "r" is's pronounced "key roy-al"). It's simply champagne with a splash of cassis (black currant liqueur), sort of like a fancy mimosa.

Maybe it's the bubbles or maybe it's the name, but sipping one of these does make you feel a bit like a princess. A deliciously giddy princess (depending on how many you have, of course). I highly recommend raising a glass, especially if you've never tried one. Cheers!

Happy Searching,

p.s. If you make one of these at home, I recommend a dry champagne or sparkling wine since the liqueur is rather sweet.


  1. Hold the Cassis please. Champagne really is the world's happiest drink.

  2. Can't do Champagne but ready to raise a glass of Chardonnay and let the good times begin! I know one announcement that I would drink champagne for.


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