Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sea Bass Skewers & Six Years

This weekend marked six blissful years of marriage for the mister and me. We celebrated the best way we know how: by indulging in delicious food and drink!

After a champagne toast and a swoon over some gorgeous blooms, we headed downtown for some anniversary nibbles.

Imperia is one of the places in Austin we've discovered for just such an occasion. Nestled among several other upscale hotspots in the Warehouse District, it's one of the few reasons we make the trip downtown (you know...parking, crowds, 10 minutes of I sound old?).

Imperia offers amazing martinis, tasty small bites, and swanky ambience...all for $5 an item everyday from 5:30-7:00. Everyday.

The Jade & The Imperial Pearl

Despite the 2-for-1 rolls and the gulp-able martinis, there's only one reason why we have to go to Imperia...

The Sea Bass Skewers. They are consistently delicious. The fish (which isn't fishy at all) is rich and buttery and slightly sweet from the candied soy glaze. The texture of the sea bass and the swirl of salty-sweet sauce beneath it had my taste buds somersaulting with delight!

A wonderful way to celebrate six years of love, laughter, and delightful dishes. Happy Anni, babes!

And to everyone else...

Happy Searching,


  1. Awww. Happy ANniversary to you guys! And... OMG. Love Imperia! BEEN THERE WITH YOU TWO! xoxox!

  2. Happy 6th Anniversary you two whippersnappers!!! Here's to a lifetime of happiness..We love you!! Mama and Papa B

  3. Firecracker,

    Sounds like a perfect evening!! Leave it to you two to find "that perfect place"!! My only editorial comment is I noticed you listed the "early bird specials". Some call them "happy hour" but as you grow older you gotta call it what it really is! That might be an indication of getting older OR you were just trying to make your Dad and me happy with your frugalness!!!

    You two are my all-time favorites!! Happy Anniversary!!


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