Monday, April 26, 2010

The Med=Tapas Heaven

About eight years ago, I stumbled upon food heaven. Not surprisingly, I don't remember the exact details. I couldn't tell you how or when I first discovered it. I couldn't tell you what I ordered. All I know is that once I found it, it was love at first bite!

The Med is a restaurant in Boulder, CO and although I attended college a few miles from it, I didn't discover this gem until the middle of my senior year. They serve--cleverly enough--Mediterranean cuisine. Grilled meats, pastas, and risottos are staples of the menu. But the real stars of the show are the tapas.

I love the concept of tapas. For an indecisive foodie such as myself, these little plates are perfect for sampling a variety of ingredients and flavors. Not only does The Med serve tapas, they serve delicious and cheap tapas during their daily happy hour...appropriately named, because some of the happiest hours have been spent with my family and friends at The Med.

Bacon Wrapped Dates in Garlic Sauce

Smoked Ruby Trout, Grilled Lamb & Chicken Skewers 
Frequenting this food extravaganza has become a ritual nearly every time I'm back in Colorado. We've pretty much gotten it down to a science...what can't be missed, what we can skip, how many rounds we should order and the timing of when to place them.

Baked Feta & Panzanella Relish

          Steamed Mussels, Caprese Salad,
Beef Carpaccio, Fried Polenta with Rosemary Honey

We rarely skip the wood-fired margherita pizza or the grilled meat skewers, but we have try something new almost every visit. This time we hit the jackpot with some amazing lamb chops and baked feta.

 Margherita Pizza  

Jalepeno Honey-Glazed Lamb Chops
We have each tried something a bit exotic for our usual mom and I tried frog legs, Ryan sampled beets, and my dad enjoyed beef carpaccio.

In our countless visits, we've never actually ordered off of the regular menu. Judging by the tapas, I'm sure dinner is incredible. But we've got too good a thing goin' in Tapas Heaven. Next time I'm in Colorado, you'll know where to find me!

Happy Searching,


  1. OMG. Did you guys order ALL those tapas? You should have sent me some!

  2. Yeah Baby..can't imagine a visit from the Blakes that doesn't include an afternoon drive to Boulder for a Tapas extravaganza at the Med.I am craving those lamb chops and ooooh, those bacon wrapped dates and I would kill for a Margherita Pizza RIGHT NOW!! Hurry back Bug and Ryan :)


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