Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Hallow-eating!

Can you believe it's almost November? But before retailers rush us into decorating for Christmas (before we've even had Thanksgiving), there is a delicious day upon us. Candy? Clever snacks? Creative cocktails? It must be Halloween. And the mister's absolute favorite holiday. Why? See above, beginning with candy...

Ryan created our menu this year, but I did contribute in the way of assembling (and eating) some treats!

First up? Yummy Mummy Dogs.

We followed this recipe, but used garlic breadsticks instead of Crescent Rolls. Very tasty, especially with  a spooky cheese drizzle and fresh blood (or ketchup...whatever you have on hand)!

To wash it down? A crisp apple cider martini. The hubs mixed my childhood favorite beverage...

...with vodka, muddled apple & lime, a splash of maple syrup. Complete with an apple slice garnish. Fall-icious!

Notice the Spooky Snack Mix in the background...the mister's own Munchie mix of pretzels, potato chips, gummy worms, and Cheetos.

Do you have any tricks or treats up your sleeve this Halloween?

Happy searching!

p.s. Instead of trying to catch up and fill you in on everything since the last post, I'm starting with the present. And hopefully, someday, I will have a few extra moments to fill you in on our delicious summer and early fall adventures. 'Cause they were tasty. :)
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