Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tea-riffic Sandwiches

I love all things dainty, food included. Small, delicate bites like petit fours, tapas, and finger sandwiches are among some of my favorites. They make me feel prettier just by eating them.

And I am usually a big fan of simplicity in the kitchen, but I must say that the attention to detail is partially why I love things like tea sandwiches. I am all about the details. Crusts, which I normally adore (but have no place on a finger sandwich), are lovingly cut off to ensure a perfectly balanced and refined bite.

Well, tea sandwiches appeared on one of our recent weekend menus when we were in the mood for something light. They were the perfect petite treat. Call me superficial, but there's something spectacular about food that both looks and tastes great.

We used a dense, multigrain bread (newly discovered Costco's Kirkland 100% Multigrain--love it!) to create two tasty tea sandwiches: smoked salmon with dill & chive butter and cucumber with an herbed cheese spread (similar to Ina's found here).

I'm sure these sandwiches would have been delicious with tea, but they were really excellent with a glass of chardonnay. Cool, refreshing, lovely little sandwiches. Delicious!

Happy Searching,
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