Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crawfish Tales

Last weekend, thanks to our friends in Ft. Worth, I experienced my first crawfish boil. I had heard enough to know what to expect (lots of work for little reward) but was excited nonetheless.

When they're ready, the crawfish are tossed out directly onto a covered table along with corn, whole red potatoes, sausage, and mushrooms (which I learned are prized possessions that disappear quickly as they soak up all the yummy juices).

Despite the effort required to break into those little crawfish tails, I really enjoyed them. Compared to other shellfish, they taste fairly light.  Not as rich and buttery as shrimp or me, they seem like the trout of the shellfish world. A perfect canvas for some cajun spices!

As a crawfish virgin, I was subject to some teasing. A couple of clever pranksters standing next to us overheard my exaggerated enthusiasm and decided to take advantage of my naivete. They nonchalantly nudged a "mutated" crawfish my way, and within a few minutes, they had me...hook, line, and sinker!

"Is that a crab? Oh my gosh! No--wait--it's a two-headed crawfish! Holy smokes! A TWO-HEADED CRAWFISH!!!" 

Thanks to my posse for bailing me out...I may have been claiming I'd seen the Sasquatch before too just looked so real!

In spite of the shellfish shenanigans, I'd say my first crawfish tale was a delicious success. 

Happy Searching,


  1. Brings back good memories of Nawlins crawfish from Salvos. Loved the little critters but could only do the tails. Not that adventurous to go "all the way".

  2. We'll have to do it again next year when I can eat seafood!

  3. I am going to the annual one here Memorial Day weekend! LOVE those crawfish!!!! YUM! If there are ANY left, I'll freeze 'em for your visit. I make no gauruntees though. I really eat a lot of them. Ha ha..

  4. Salvos definitely knew the best way to eat crawfish which is shelled and on a "dressed" po boy. I have to admit that I fell for the two headed crawfish prank also and we really made those folks afternoon.


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