Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dessert Envy

In my opinion if we lived in a perfect world, we would all get dessert with every meal. Without worrying about calories. Or fat. Or cholesterol. Unfortunately, my world is imperfect and does not include a daily dessert. If it did, however, Andi's Banana's Foster would be on the menu regularly.

The thought of my friend in her kitchen with a saucepan aflame made me laugh out loud, so I was slightly disappointed to learn that she chose the safe route and skipped the pyrotechnics. After seeing her dessert, though, I don't think she needed any special effects.

She took sliced bananas and sauteed them in butter, brown sugar, and a smidge of rum (...am I forgetting anything, Andi?). After letting the slices carmelize, she swirled them in a deep toffee brown sauce before spooning them over vanilla ice cream. I mean, does anything sound--or look--better?!? 

Honestly, at least two times while writing this post I have looked longingly at our fruit basket for spotted bananas...you know, the ones that usually occupy it and overstay their welcome? How is it that the one time I want to use them, they're not there?

All I know is that if I had some bananas in the house, I'd be making this right now. Delish!

Happy Searching!


  1. I actually didn't have rum to add (imagine if I had) BUT I did add some cinnamon!!!

  2. Ooh, cinnamon--I knew there was something!

  3. Add a side of bread pudding and I'm there. :)


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