Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reconstructed Cobb Salad

Another salad? Oh yes, but it's not just another salad....

This salad is all about quality over quantity--there aren't many ingredients, but the few that are there are so good. Any recipe that has bacon or avocado in it is usually in my husband's repertoire. If it has both? He's in hog heaven (pardon the pun)!

The other day, we watched Tyler Florence make this Avocado Salad and within 8 hours, we were sitting down to it at our dinner table. Ryan made a few adjustments to the recipe (he always likes to add his own spin) and knocked it out of the park! He swapped lemon juice for blood-orange juice (since we had one on hand from another recipe), crumbled some gorgonzola on top (cobb-riffic), and added some sliced grape tomatoes.

I could've easily eaten the whole plate myself...with the bacon and the avo? It was doubly delicious!

Happy Searching!

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