Saturday, March 13, 2010

Austin Restaurant Week

One of the greatest events in Austin (and there are many to speak of) is Austin Restaurant Week. For $25 or $35 per person, you can get a three-course, gourmet meal that would normally cost upwards of $50. A portion of the proceeds goes to charity, a portion of delicious food goes to your belly...what more could a compassionate foodie ask for?

Something a bit more delicious. 

Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with my meal from Kona Grill. As much as I wanted it to be delicious, it fell short. (To be fair, Ryan enjoyed his meal quite a bit more than I enjoyed mine, but we both left feeling somewhat unsatisfied).                                   

Ryan ordered the ATX roll, the Sushi Sashimi, and the Mochi dessert (along with a 'Bama Roll chaser). I ordered Potstickers, Lemongrass Crusted Halibut and for dessert, the Fudge Brownie.

Ryan's Sushi Plate 

The 'Bama Roll 

My Lemongrass Crusted Halibut

 Triple Fudge Brownie

I know what you're thinking...what's wrong with these? Kona's menu for Restaurant Week did offer a decent variety of items and although none of them were bad, none of them were show-stopping, either.

So, what was the problem? Well...

My potstickers, which happen to be a favorite treat of mine, were on the chewy side. They definitely appeared to be homemade (I admire the effort), but the dough was difficult to cut through with a fork. 
My halibut was seasoned well and the sauce was excellent (anything coconut curry is alright in my book) but it was overcooked...enough that it was a bit dry, and even the yummy sauce couldn't save it.
The brownie was fudgy...and rich...but somehow it was also a bit bland. How can that be? A chocolate brownie, topped with ice cream and drizzled with caramel and more chocolate? Sounds heavenly and believe me, I wanted to like it. It just seemed to be missing something. Sort of like those low-fat desserts (which I'm sure wasn't the case here) that sound good in theory but leave you wanting more.

On a scale of one to ten, Ryan and I gave Kona an overall seven-and-a-half. Not bad, but when you're always in search of delicious, you can't settle. So the search continues...    

Looking forward to the next Restaurant Week!

Happy Searching,    


  1. I love that you're so honest about food. Instead of always telling where the good stuff is, we have to be sure to tell people where to steer clear of!

  2. You are right!! Why bother with mediocre, when there are so many ABFAB places to discover in Austin. Always in search of delicious--keep up the quest. MAMA B


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