Monday, March 1, 2010

S'more Brownies, Please!

For me, the nostalgia of making s'mores definitely plays into their appeal. I love the way the melty chocolate, crunchy graham cracker, and burnt marshmallow intertwine to make one exquisite creation. But I also love the way one bite of the s'more trinity transports me back to my barefoot, 10-year-old-self, roasting marshmallows (or lighting them into flames) over a campfire at the beach.

When one of my BFFs (actually, my VBFF: Very Best Friend Forever, as we dubbed each other in second grade) told me she was making s'more brownies for her fiance, I said, "Oooh, take pictures! That sounds like something delicious!"

Look how gorgeous they turned out! (And big kudos to Mike for the fancy plate drizzle, by the way!) I love how the marshmallows transformed into perfectly toasted pillows atop their chocolatey bed. (Unfortunately, my marshmallows never turned out that well over the campfire...sticking them directly into the fire and peeling off the blackened crust to shove in my mouth was more entertaining.)

Since Andi's in San Diego and I'm in Austin, I didn't get to try them, but they are rumored to be very yummy! I will be looking for any excuse to make them now that I have the recipe. She found it here and made a few adjustments:
"I used less chocolate. After grabbing all the big Hershey bars that would equal seemed like just too much for me! And I used a regular brownie mix which is a little less than the required."

If you think you've found something delicious, take a picture and tell me about it! I'd love to share your discoveries, too.

Happy Searching!


  1. Well... I am in SD too. So, can she send me one?

  2. I'm not normally in love with anything that has marshmallows, but those look amazing! I will be making a request the next time I see Andi.

  3. These look SOOOOOOOOOOOOO yummy. You go girl!! Next time Papa B and I are in San Diego we will be expecting a plate of these delicious smores. Hugs to our sweetheart. Mama B

  4. Next time I make these I'll have to send some out to all of you!


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