Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pigs in a Blanket for Pigskin Season

If I had to pick a favorite season, I would have to choose summer. My husband's favorite season? Football season.

Truthfully, I don't get nearly as excited about the sport itself but the snacks that come along with it are reason enough for me to rally! Although we like to try out fancy recipes and nouveau cuisine, we also love a tried-and-true classic.

I couldn't remember the last time we made Pigs in a Blanket, so we broke out the weenies and crescent rolls and went to town!

In an effort to refrain from being totally gluttonous, I used Turkey Lil' Smokies and reduced fat crescent rolls. But cutting calories did not cut the deliciousness--they were so yummy! Of course, if you made the full fat version and had a side-by-side tasting, you would definitely notice a difference (the reduced fat rolls are less buttery and flaky, but still good).

And...they were easy peasy. I just kept the dough in tact (I pinched any seams together that were coming apart after popping open the can), brushed it with a little honey mustard (adds flavor and keeps the pigs moist) and cut strips slightly narrower than the weenies. Then I wrapped 'em, baked 'em seam side down @ 350 for 10-15 minutes and voila! A classic! Tasty Pigs in a Blanket. Haven't tried them in a while either? You should!

Happy Searching,

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  1. The reduced calorie option really works well when you eat 35 of them. They were definitely tasty, and I am starting to come around to the turkey substitution. The 3000 beer calories probably voided any benefit from the diet dogs though.


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