Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Superbowl Smorgasbord?

The Super Bowl is a delicious occasion. It's the Thanksgiving of sporting events, usually leaving me stuffed and ready for a nap by halftime. I managed to only doze off for part of the second quarter, but not before partaking in several scrumptious snacks.
Unfortunately, the feeding frenzy was quick and I neglected to take pictures, but the spread included: white queso with green chilis, assorted olives, sliced meats and cheeses, dips (7-Layer, Pimiento Cheese, Garlic Love), homemade French fries, tortilla roll-ups...I'm getting full just thinking about all I ate that day.

Sooo...I'm wondering what you ate. What yummy snacks were on your coffee table/dinner table/countertop on Sunday? Hopefully, you found some delicious...

Happy Searching,


  1. Pimento stuffed delicious. Sweet and hot little flavor bursts!

  2. Well, I was witness to the feast at the Blake house and WOW!! is all I can say.....loved the homemade french fries--what a treat :) A real rootin' tootin' Texas style Super Bowl wingding.


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