Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oy-stuhs...Little Oy-stuhs!

During our Valentine's stroll on South Congress, we revisited a restaurant that we discovered a few months ago. Perla's, a new addition to the row of restaurants on Austin's most happenin' avenue, left us a bit disappointed the first time around. The service was just plain lousy but the food was so incredibly delicious that we decided to give Perla's a second chance. (Ryan still talks about their Soft Shell Crab BLT. Read all about our first trip here.) Round Two proved to be similar to Round One: food=delicious, service=non-existent.

So, onto the food! We ordered two schooners of beer and a half dozen Fanny Bay oysters on the half shell (which are from British Columbia and have a reputation for being consistently scrumptious...they were).
Chasing a briny, plump, succulent oyster with an icy-cold beer is one of my all-time most delicious scenarios. The oysters were fantastic, but didn't last long.

It took us 15 minutes to get them...

...and this was literally about 2 minutes later.

I felt a bit like the know, from the old Disney cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland with the story of The Walrus and The Carpenter? The Carpenter spends all of his time preparing for the big oyster feast while the Walrus slurps down one oyster after another and before you know it, the Carpenter is calling out, "Oy-stuhs? Little Oy-stuhs?"

But they'd been eaten...every one!

Ahhh, there are never enough oysters. Or attentive servers. But maybe the third time's the charm...the oysters are so good, we may have to give Perla's another chance. Maybe.

Happy Searching,


  1. Hey fancy pants. How did you get your name in your signature. Help! :)
    PS - Crayons recycling for teachers! Fantastic huh! Tegan suggested we use the other type of ice trays though - easier!


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