Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ode to Taco Shops

Taco shops, oh taco shops
Your greasy grub is the best
Although others try to compete,
Your Mexican food beats the rest!

You're one of my favorite features
Of the Southern California scene
Tex-Mex is not Mexican Food
(and I'm sorry if that sounds mean...)

But Robertos, Albertos, Sombreros,
Juanitas, Los Panchos and more
Serve in-and-out grub with minimal flair
And delicious choices galore!

Carne Asada's a favorite of mine
But Carnitas are tasty as well
Burritos as big as your head, if you want
And their beans are better than swell

We got our fix from Lolita's
And their comida lived up to its name
A Chula Vista childhood fave,
They were on top of their game

Five Super Rolled Tacos
With guac, lettuce, crema and cheese,
And Carne Asada Fries?
You bet! Por favor! Yes, please!

And one California Burrito
Full of French fries, cheese, guacamole
Some Carne Asada to top it all off...
Dios Mio! Delish! Holy Moley!

For now, I'll be dreaming of salsa
And homemade tortillas, too...
Until next time, Taco Shoppies,
I bid you a delicious adieu!

Happy Searching!


  1. Shakespeare couldn't have said it better. I got a hankering for some carne asada fries right now.

  2. YUM!!!! Maybe Lolita's should open a location in Austin!

  3. Personally taste tested and approved. :)

  4. I swear, if I could send you those tacos - and knew they would be just as yummy when I got there, I totally would. :) You know I love them as much as you. And. TexMex. Naaah. SoCal Mexican is the way to go.


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