Sunday, May 9, 2010

Perfect Pad Thai

Sometimes I take my husband's fabulous cooking for granted. With Ryan in the kitchen, the bar has been raised and I have become accustomed to gourmet meals on a nightly basis. It's a compliment, really...I know dinner will be delicious because he's such a great cook.

Then sometimes he makes a dish that really reminds me how lucky my taste buds are. Something over-the-top tasty.

This Pad Thai was perfection. Whole wheat linguine wok-tossed with shrimp, chicken, cilantro, bean sprouts, peanuts and spices...aMAZing. Another one of the key ingredients was fish sauce, which is found in the Asian Foods aisle (with a wretched smell but incredible taste....don't let it dissuade you). I really believe this stinky delight is what elevated the dish from good to gone-in-three-minutes.

I think I told Ryan how delicious it was between each and every bite. Maybe we can have it again tonight...

Happy Searching,


  1. Put this on the must have list for me when you are here. I will even go into that stinky Lucky Seafood place for the cilantro. I would love a cookbook with all the home cooked receipes.

  2. I used to be opposed to the healthy options such as whole wheat noodles, but you really don't miss it if you get the sauce right. Whenever you want it again, just let me know...


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