Friday, May 28, 2010

The Mother of All Weekends, Part 3

After two full days of delicious adventures (documented here and here), Mama B and I tackled our third day like it was our first.

We started our day off with a Starbucks (Mama=Grande Cinnamon Dolce, Me=Double Tall Nonfat Latte) and then hit the road for some snacks and shopping.

One thing Mama B really wanted to try while she was in Austin was a kolache. Originating from Central Europe, kolaches are pastries with sweet or savory fillings. The pastry itself is similar to a Hawaiian sweet bread--super yummy. The fillings are usually fruit (blueberry, apple, etc) or some kind of sausage (like a homemade pig in the blanket).

We found a place on our way to the San Marcos Outlet Mall that had a good mix of both. Dos Gatos is a cute little place run by two brothers right off the Texas State campus. They served up blueberry cream cheese, sausage cheddar, and polish sausage sauerkraut kolaches that were fresh and scrumptious.

An afternoon of shopping had us famished and we were ready for some nourishment. Lockhart, TX is a stone's throw from the outlets and known to be the The Barbecue Capital of Texas. Four big BBQ giants reside in this town and share a rivalry similar to the Geno's vs. Pat's cheesesteak battle in Philly.

After much consideration, we decided on Smitty's. They believe their barbecue is so good you don't need sauce or silverware, so we followed suit and ate our brisket, pork chop, and ribs primitively. Overall very tasty, but the brisket did need a bit of sauce (which we discovered was available behind the counter--just ask sheepishly and they'll provide some). I'm definitely open to giving the other joints a shot, but Smitty's was pretty good.

The best barbecue chaser? A hot fudge malt from Sonic (times two!). The hot fudge adds a richness that plain ol' chocolate sauce doesn't offer. If you've never tried it in a malt or shake, give it a go--you won't be disappointed!

A delicious weekend! Looking forward to our next visit, Mama B. One question though: What are we going to eat? ;o)

Happy Searching,

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  1. I just gained five pounds reading this. Sounds like a wonderful, yummy weekend.


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