Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lovin' Larb

Larb? Yep, larb. It's a strange word to say, but surprisingly, not to eat. It's a Thai dish that is a basically a meat salad (sort of like the lettuce cups you may have tried in various Asian restaurants).

Intrigued? I certainly was the first time I saw Giada whip up this recipe. In trying to build a meal around some ground turkey, I thought it might be a good time to try it out.

Larb might make you step outside your kitchen comfort zone. Back when I first saw Giada introduce this dish, I wasn't completely sold (the fact that I waited several months to test it out is proof). But when I stumbled upon the recipe again, I read through the list of ingredients.

Turkey? Like it. Mint? Love it. Lime juice and lemongrass? Citrusy heaven. So I, myself, expanded my culinary horizons a bit and am so glad I did!

The name might sound a bit odd, the finished product may not be overly alluring, but let me tell you...it tastes incredible! I hope it inspires you try something that stretches your tastebuds a bit.

Eaten anything that has surprised you lately?

Happy Searching,


  1. I hope you wrote this AFTER you finished your school stuff Miss Procrastinator!

  2. You forgot to mention healthy for two people that are dieting but refuse to give up taste. Definitely an interesting diversion from the standard dinner choices for those watching their waistlines.


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